Spring training vacations are a great getaway for baseball enthusiasts, but what do you do with those who have no interest in baseball? You may find yourself in the doghouse if you pack up the boys and go to Florida for a week of pure baseball delight.  But what if you could do your baseball vacation and keep your non-baseball fans happy too?

The Disney World area of Orlando is known for many things, but few think of Disney World as a mecca for spring training baseball.  Some may know by now that the Atlanta Braves spring training facilities are housed inside the Disney property at ESPN's Wide of Sports. But did you know that the Tigers and Astros facilities are nearby as well?  The Phillies and Yankees are a little further away, but only about an hour. Moreover, because of the proximity to the other facilities, the Yankees and Phillies are frequent spring training visitors to the Braves, Tigers and Astros facilities.

The first home games are February 23, 2013 and conclude March 28, 2013. If you are planning your vacation as a mix of baseball and Disney you may want to stay just south of Disney and away from the traffic on International Drive.  ESPN's Wide World of Sports is located at the southern end of the property and the other facilities are just south of Disney. A good choice for lodging is Davenport, Florida where you are closer to the Tigers and a shorter drive to Tampa and Clearwater yet just minutes from Disney World. For a large family you can find a 3200 square foot rental home in a gated community for as little as $179 a night.

Spring training is a great time to plan a family vacation. The weather in Florida is beautiful this time of year and the crowds are moderate at Disney. You can also mix in golf if you like as you will be near some truly great golf resorts. For ticket information you can check the Braves website, the Tigers and the Astros



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What could possibly be better than Spring Training at Disney World? I can't think of anything. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Disney World. Now that's an all-American combination right there.

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