Traveling to Disney World with a group of friends and family should be a magical experience.  Research and planning is essential if you have a large family or a group, otherwise you may become frustrated finding and choosing the right places to go in the Disney theme parks.  For first time group visitors one of the best investments is the Disney VIP tour.

Many of the Disney area rental homes sleep up to ten or more. This is a wonderful way to travel to Disney World with a large group or family, but figuring out how to get such a large group through the parks in unison is a daunting task. The VIP tour makes it a snap. It is not cheap, but dividing the cost among ten people makes it a great value.  For non-holiday bookings, Disney charges $340 per hour for a group up to ten. The hourly price is the same whether you have five or ten people, so it is most economical the closer your group is to ten. The minimum length of the tour is 6 hours. Note that Disney charges slightly more on holidays ($380 per hour).  While the cost is high, $2040 for 6 hours, when divided among ten people it comes out to about $200 per person.

So what do you get for your VIP Disney tour? First, you can have Disney tour guides pick you up at your Orlando area vacation rental home and whisk you into the back entrances to any of the Disney theme parks.  Your tour guide will answer any questions and bring you to the front of any theme park ride through VIP corridors, regardless of the length of the line for everyone else.  This is extremely beneficial at peak times when lines can run two hours or more.  With this benefit you could see three or four times more rides and in greater comfort than everyone else in the park. If you want to see multiple Disney parks in one day they will drive you to the next park and again take you to the front of the line for any ride.  If priority seating for a show is your thing, you can have special VIP seating for any parade, show or nighttime spectacular.  Again, this is a huge benefit during peak times and a special, pampered way of viewing shows regardless of how crowded the park may be. Imagine seeing Illuminations in your own private area with no one else around you.  This is truly a luxury experience.  You can even get your guide to get you into restaurants that you might not otherwise have a chance of getting reservations.

To be sure, this experience is pricey and not everyone can afford it.  But for those that can afford it, this tour can greatly enhance the ultimate Disney World vacation.  In one day you can accomplish, in style, what others may take three days to accomplish.  In the end, you will be less exhausted and ready for the remainder of your Orlando area vacation.  You could even plan a second VIP tour at Universal Studios Orlando.  Universal’s VIP tours are similar, but are available per person or as a group of ten.  The group tour is more exclusive and runs $2750 for ten and includes both parks.  The tour lasts about 8 hours.

A Disney World vacation should be a trip of a lifetime.  If you are planning your Disney World vacation and want to ensure the ultimate Disney experience, consider the VIP tour.